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Help can come in many ways;

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VERY OFTEN fAMILY MEMBERS ARE AFFECTED WHEN A LOVED ONE HAS THE DISEASE OF OPIATE ADDICTION. Treatment Center can assist family members in understanding this medical problem.

  • Patients attend groups.
  • Patients attend individual therapy.
  • Patients get a complete history and physicals. 
  • Patients are given medical treatment by Doctorsm Nurses and counselors.
  • Patients are treated with respect in an outpatient environment.

How methadone helps?

  • Consumption of all illicit drugs declines
  • Crime is reduced substantially
  • Fewer individuals become infected with HIV
  • Individuals functioning improves, as evidenced in improved family and other social relationships, increased employment, improved parenting, etc

What will people think ?

  • Many years ago people were against Flouride in the water, we have to stand up for our rights and you have rights to the best treatment . According to the National Institute on health Medication assisted treatment can be very effective.
  • You have rights Opiate Patients are protected under the Americans disability Act, Rehab Act and the fair Housing Act. If you feel you have been discriuminated against call them or the Legal Action Center lacinfo@lac.org